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The Modern-Day Psalmist: An Interview with Wendell Kimbrough

Although the Psalms were originally written to be sung, that art has been lost in today’s Christian church. Wendell Kimbrough is bringing it back.

The folk singer/songwriter is on a mission to write a modern-day hymn for each of the 150 psalms. As the worship director and artist-in-residence for his church in Alabama, Wendell writes a new psalm each week for his congregation to sing. The result is a growing collection of sing-able hymns that capture the emotional power of the psalms. Read more >>

The Colour of Songs: Interview with Joshua Hyslop

Awkward story time! My experience with folk songwriter Joshua Hyslop began with a very strange situation.

Two summers ago, at my friend Margot’s suggestion, I began listening to Hyslop’s music, and I fell in love with his tragic and questioning yet immensely peaceful style. Read more >>

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