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Adventures and Trees: An Interview with Lunatic Wolf

Lunatic Wolf is a folk rock band from Johannesburg, South Africa. After performing and writing for a few years, the six-piece group released their debut album To the Adventure in 2014—and critics are loving it.

To the Adventure takes the best parts of rock and folk and mixes them together in a satisfying blend. The band’s sound has been described as “easy to listen to, yet energetic enough to keep you wanting more.” Read more >>

The Modern-Day Psalmist: An Interview with Wendell Kimbrough

Although the Psalms were originally written to be sung, that art has been lost in today’s Christian church. Wendell Kimbrough is bringing it back.

The folk singer/songwriter is on a mission to write a modern-day hymn for each of the 150 psalms. As the worship director and artist-in-residence for his church in Alabama, Wendell writes a new psalm each week for his congregation to sing. The result is a growing collection of sing-able hymns that capture the emotional power of the psalms. Read more >>

To Love More: An Interview with Jared & The Mill’s Jared Kolesar

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Jared & The Mill offer catchy yet profound songs with melodies and instrumentation somewhere in the mix between desert folk and bluegrass twang. The group formed in 2011 and has been touring and writing together ever since. They tell stories of the love, triumph, and heartbreak they’ve encountered in life on the road.


Reaching the Heart: Interview with Dave Radford of The Gray Havens

Dave and Licia Radford, members of the indie duo The Gray Havens, seek to “awaken joy and wonder” with every song they write—and I daresay they succeed. Read more >>

A Woman Gave Me Music: Interview with James Spaite

In the world of music, bigger rarely means better. Often, the most magnificent music appears in the simplest of clothing.

In the case of Californian folk artist James Spaite, a cello, a guitar, and a pair of voices are all it takes to craft a record that is breathtakingly beautiful and immensely satisfying. Read more >>

Honest and Hopeful: Interview with Ruby Gill

We are excited to give you a glimpse into the creative process and music of songwriter Ruby Gill from Johannesburg, South Africa. Ruby’s music is upbeat and full of appreciation and expectation. Her sound promotes a vision of a healthy hopeful world, while still recognizing the brokenness around.

EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD: We are also delighted to announce that there is a link to a free download of Ruby’s fun single “Winter” at the end of this interview. Read more >>

Folklore and Patchwork: Interview with Patch & The Giant

Not many bands could make us want to become sailors and dwell in a small England coastal town, but that is the feeling Patch & The Giant’s music throws our way. Their folksy style is nothing delicate, but if you invest yourself in any of their songs, you won’t be disappointed. Read more >>

The Value of Mistakes: Interview with Josh Savage

I was initially drawn to Josh Savage’s music because of his song “Mountains in Hurricanes.” I loved the imagery in the lyrics and the rich clarity in Josh’s voice. The more I listened to the song, the more intrigued I became. Read more >>

The Colour of Songs: Interview with Joshua Hyslop

Awkward story time! My experience with folk songwriter Joshua Hyslop began with a very strange situation.

Two summers ago, at my friend Margot’s suggestion, I began listening to Hyslop’s music, and I fell in love with his tragic and questioning yet immensely peaceful style. Read more >>

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