What we are about

We believe that everyone has a story worth telling. The story of a musician is tucked away in his music, shaping every note but seldom revealing itself. The Cellary is our attempt to draw these stories out and explore the connection between an artist and his work. We want to uncover some of the mystery surrounding the creative process, and share the message behind the music.

In true hipster fashion, we promote artists that we feel deserve a little more attention. Some of our findings might seem like they came from a cellar you’d long forgotten—but isn’t that often where the best stores are found?

Why our name is weird

We could write a detailed explanation about how The Cellary is meant to evoke thoughts of freshness and vibrancy while simultaneously maintaining an air of cultured sophistication. We could tell of how we painstakingly crafted a name that would perfectly encapsulate the purpose of this venture. We could wax philosophical on the virtues of a certain crunchy vegetable and a certain bunchy fruit. But really, these not-so-hidden meanings are nothing more than a self-conscious attempt to rationalize a name that we found amusing.

Who we are

emily-aboutEmily: Music has always been a big part of my life—even before the childhood piano lessons and the quirky 80s mixes that my Dad passed off to me when I was too young to appreciate them. Over the years I’ve fine-tuned my tastes and have delved much more into the indie/folk side of music. I’m thrilled that the avenues for exposure of small artists have blossomed in the last decade, as I have reaped the benefits with a plethora of musical discoveries.

I also love to write. Though that appreciation did not develop until my preteen years, it grew rapidly and mingled with my love of reading. I self-published a book in high school as a college fundraiser and have continued to write non-fiction, music, and poetry. In December 2014 I graduated with a B.A. in literature and currently write a monthly column for Humane Pursuits. I also work full-time as a resident director.

The Cellary provides an excellent excuse for me to mix my passions for music and writing, and I am thrilled.

ethan-aboutEthan: Like many of my fellow human beings, I have enjoyed music since before I can remember. I started taking piano lessons at age 7, and got a sweet electric guitar at age 11. Somewhere along the way I started writing my own music, and have continued composing ever since.

In college I put my love of music to use in every way I could. I took piano lessons, sang in the choir, took classes on music theory and education, and helped conduct a youth choir, all the while churning out mediocre songs about unrequited love. I also started listening to music day in and day out—a habit I have yet to break.

I now work as a magazine editor and radio show producer. In my spare time I listen to music that I wish I had written and harbor hopes that one day I will wake up and find myself magically transformed into John Paul White.

Super cool artsy hipstery photo of Ethan and Emily at a Noah Gundersen concert.