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July 2016

Life in Folk: Interview with Adam Barnes

Oxford native Adam Barnes’ music offers life narrative in folk form. He tells stories—simple stories. He’s a talented musician, but what comes through most in is music is the little things of life: the everyday struggles, hopes, fears, and excitements. I think the best way to describe Adam’s lyrical style might be to call it angst done well. Couple that with a distinctive and catchy folk-rock style, and you’ve got all the ingredients for perfect rainy-day music. Read more >>

Album Review: Bear’s Den, “Red Earth & Pouring Rain”

In the three years since Bear’s Den started releasing music, the British folk/rock duo has found its way into the headphones of hipsters worldwide. Now the band is back for more with their much-anticipated record “Red Earth & Pouring Rain”—and they did not disappoint. Read more >>

New Release: The Found Wonder, “Calling”

A few weeks ago we wrote about Johannesburg-based songwriter Ruby Gill. This week we’ve got another South African artist for you: Timothy Kohler of The Found Wonder.

After spending several years recording with a band, the Cape Town–based artist is embarking on a solo indie-pop career. And judging by his debut single, Timothy’s future is bright indeed. Read more >>

New Release: Nieves, “Roughcast/Dove”

Listening to Nieves has always made me want to find my closest friends and hug them tight. There’s a deep sorrow that pervades their music, a mortality that weighs on every line. You may never feel the value of life and love so much as when you listen to “Straight Line” (perhaps the finest piece the Glasgow-based indie rock band has produced).

Nieves’ new double A-side single, “Roughcast/Dove” (released on July 6), continues to showcase their talent for heart-wrenching anthems. Read more >>

A Woman Gave Me Music: Interview with James Spaite

In the world of music, bigger rarely means better. Often, the most magnificent music appears in the simplest of clothing.

In the case of Californian folk artist James Spaite, a cello, a guitar, and a pair of voices are all it takes to craft a record that is breathtakingly beautiful and immensely satisfying. Read more >>

Album Review: Darlingside, “Birds Say”

I discovered Darlingside about three years ago, and fell instantly in love with their sound. From their first EP, I recognized a clarity of expression and unity of voice which I have seldom found in similar folk groups. They take their name from their own creative process: letting go of their own personal (darling) ideas and subjecting them to the group dynamic. Read more >>

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