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April 2016

The Human Distillery: Interview with Allman Brown

I discovered Allman Brown by accident. Opening Spotify late one night I noticed that my friend, who had been using my computer earlier that evening, had been looking at Allman Brown. So I played the first song on the list. It was “Sons and Daughters.” I was enthralled. Read more >>

Scenes and Symbolism: Interview with Neulore

Neulore is a Nashville-based alternative indie folk duo whose music ranges from gritty and anthemic to lush and intimate. If you like cookie-cutter music with hollow lyrics and bland instrumentation, then this is not the band for you.

Finding Our Way: Interview with Port Harbour

Port Harbour is an energetic six-piece indie rock band from Harrisonburg, VA, whose passion for music shines through innovative musical blends and thoughtful, honest lyrics. Whether you want to do some soul-searching or you just want to just jam out, this band is worth a listen. Their songs are guaranteed to make you cry or laugh, if you’re into that sort of thing. Read more >>

Romance and the Road: Interview with Ken Yates

“This is my Canadian angry song,” Ken Yates says with a grin as he starts to play “Keep Your Head Down.” The unassuming 26-year-old looks out of place in the basement room full of rich 40-somethings, but his simple charm quickly bridges the gap. Read more >>

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