Hello there! If you’re reading this, it means that you’ve found our blog, which means that we’re doing something right. Hooray!

We believe that everyone has a story worth telling. The story of a musician is tucked away in his music, shaping every note but seldom revealing itself. The Cellary is our attempt to draw these stories out and explore the connection between an artist and his work. We want to uncover some of the mystery surrounding the creative process, and share the message behind the music.

In true hipster fashion, we intend to promote artists that we feel deserve a little more attention. We love discovering new artists, and we hope that you enjoy our findings as much as we do.

And now for the name.

We could write a detailed explanation about how The Cellary is meant to evoke thoughts of freshness and vibrancy while simultaneously maintaining an air of cultured sophistication. We could tell of how we spent hours painstakingly crafting a name that would perfectly encapsulate the purpose of this venture. We could wax philosophical on the virtues of a certain crunchy vegetable and a certain bunchy fruit. But really, these not-so-hidden meanings are nothing more than a self-conscious attempt to rationalize a name that we found amusing.

All that to say: we are really excited to start this blog. So stay tuned—great things are coming.